Found Images

I had two other titles in mind for this body of work. One was The Presence of Representational Imagery in the Urban Landscape and the other was Back to My Roots. In the end I settled on Found Images as being less obscure, although the previous titles reflect that some of the ideas in the work directly relate to my earlier work in both black and white and color, going back as much as thirty-five years ago.

I have an ongoing interest in the presence of other imagery (pictures) in the landscape and what they say about a culture. Beyond what the images might reference, there is the pure pleasure of finding them, and using photography to construct an image that represents how I see, use color and shape to form the world into a rectangle.

My approach to photography has always relied on direct vision as a way of working. I respond to the information in front of me and interpret it to create an illusion, make what appears normal to seem strange or perhaps slightly humorous. My intent is to create work that is a bit odd, formally coherent and visually inviting.

Frank DiPerna
August 2012


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Found Images

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