A variety of concerns motivates my work, but rarely, if ever, do I intend a project to be didactic in nature. In fact, the pursuit is to explore modes of inquiry, often with a light-hearted or humorous tone, rather than to espouse any particular beliefs -- and thus, by my standards, the success of a piece is marked by its ability to stimulate private contemplation, public discussion, and hopefully both.

One way to facilitate this is by a very direct critique of the media itself. This should be taken in the broadest sense of the term, as it pertains to not only the quite deliberate (or for that matter unconsidered) methods of representation exerted in the work itself, but to everything which its subject material references, as well as the very dialogue it hopes to produce. The common conceit is to highlight the sophistication inherent in all the forms of communication encountered within our societies, and in as non-judgmental a fashion as my personal sensibilities will allow.