In the midst of global uprisings against tyranny, we squabble over modest proposals. Are nuclear warheads more important than education? Should the rich be allowed to buy the country? Is health care a luxury? Ask congress and the answer is YES.

On matters of civil rights, congress should never be left to decide. These people make the decisions to ban one's right to govern their own sexuality, take away a woman's right to choose, give themselves tax breaks and bailouts, start wars for capital gain on the sweat and blood of the citizens whose interests they are sworn to uphold. Are these people the role models for the youth of America?

"If by mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution."
-- Abraham Lincoln

'We Are Not Created Equal' is the message that congress is forcing us to accept. Future generations will have to right our wrongs. The kids must be alright.

June 10 - July 23, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, June 10, 7-9pm

New Orleans artist Dan Tague makes his Civilian debut with an exhibition of works in a variety of media that point to inadequacies in government policy toward education, environmental health, and financial reform.