Bloomingdale Liquor, NW Washington, DC, 2-5-2012

13.75” X 19.25”
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May 11-June 16, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, May 11, 7-9pm

Artist's Talk: Saturday, June 16th, 4pm with Paul Roth, Senior Curator and Director, Photography and Media Arts, Corcoran Gallery of Art

Civilian Art Projects presents Cynthia Connolly: Letters on Top of Buildings, an exhibition of new work by the well-known DC based photographer. According to the artist, “these buildings and signs are beautiful typographic sculptures that rejoice an era of quality construction and pride of the institution it boasts. The buildings stand tall, their crowns embellished with steel lettering in the city center. They are treasures found, and as more often than not, we neglect to look up and find them, especially now, because many are on top of abandoned buildings where the signs are no longer lit and the attention of the viewer remains at street level.”